Factor 55 Powersports XTV Guide

ST. ANTHONY RECOVERY KIT Kinetic recovery kit specifically for the needs of UTVs. This kit was born from experience in the iconic St. Anthony Sand Dunes, where vehicle recovery is a regular thing. Focused on non-winch kinetic recovery, this kit is intended for use with powersports vehicles, such as UTVs. All of the parts are made in the USA and all have the necessary WLL and breaking strengths clearly

Kit includes: • 2 Standard Duty 10” Soft Shackles • 1 Medium Factor 55 Recovery Gear Bag • 1 5/8” Kinetic Rope • 1 Basic Guide to Kinetic Recovery • 2 Individual Strap Wraps 00492 St. Anthony Kit


marked. Excellent for use not only in sand, but also in snow or mud—no winch needed.

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