Factor 55 Powersports XTV Guide


EXTREME DUTY KINETIC ENERGY ROPE Elastic non-winch recovery rope—ideal for snow, sand, or mud extraction • Up to 30% kinetic energy-storing stretch ensures maximum recovery performance

Factor 55’s 5/8” x 20” Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope is for non-winch recovery. To use, rig it to the stuck vehicle, then rig to a recovery vehicle. As the recovery vehicle begins moving, it transfers kinetic energy through the rope creating a slingshot effect, yanking the stuck vehicle out. This is great for use in sand, snow, or mud extractions. Coated with a flexible, durable, weather-resistant polymeric coating. The rubberized rope eyes further increase durability at the rope’s wear points. Rated at 14,800 lb. MBS, this product is designed for use on increasingly popular UTV/ATV machines. While smaller than some of the other Kinetic Ropes Factor 55 offers, the 5/8” x 20” rope still packs a lot of performance in a compact package.

• Polymeric coating for abrasion and UV light protection as well as moisture absorption prevention. Sealed Against Stain and Water Absorption • Double Braid Nylon Construction for excellent strength; flexible and weather-resistant • Rubberized rope eyes increase durability at rope’s wear points • 5/8” x 20” Length • 14,800 lb. minimum breaking strength; weighs just 2 lbs., 10 oz.

• Individually serialized for material lot traceability 00563 EXTREME DUTY KINETIC ENERGY ROPE 5/8”x20’

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